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Renewed Hope

Renewed Hope Counseling
Telephone: 845-896-8203


Renewed Hope Counseling Center is an extended ministry of the Fishkill Church of the Nazarene that desires to promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and relational growth.

Services are aligned with the teachings of biblical principles, beliefs, and values of the Christian Faith as taught by the Fishkill Church of the Nazarene. These services focus on bringing healing and transformation to individuals, couples, and families with a variety of life stressors and issues.

Renewed Hope Counseling Ministries

Jamie Thivierge

Jamie Thivierge is a Motivational Speaker and Counselor for women.  Jamie received her credentials from Light University; she is also a member of the National Conservative Church and is the Co-Founder of Renewed Hope Counseling.

Let’s face it we are all busy women making decisions every minute.  At times you can feel overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life. It seems we are committed to everyone but ourselves. This type of people-pleasing can leave you feeling guilty, vulnerable, anxious and just plain exhausted. Here’s the good news… You have a God-given right to be happy and have hope for your future.   Confronting your feelings is the first step to becoming a Confident Woman.  If you ever wanted to strengthen yourself and your relationship with God, now is YOUR time. Go Ahead Be Extraordinary!!!

You don’t have to be BLACK AND BLUE FOR THE ABUSE TO BE TRUE is Jamie’s latest venture, she knows the impact abusive relationships can have on women, whether it be present or past. Her calling is to bring women into hope and recovery, out of shame and entrapment. Jamie provides a safe nonjudgmental atmosphere in which women from all walks of life can begin their journey to finding themselves again.  Jamie is a listener is Christ for the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Conflict
  • Life Coaching
  • Addiction
  • Self-Worth
  • General life issues

As a motivational speaker, Jamie’s passion is to bring women closer to the heart of God.creating an atmosphere filled with energy, laughter and compassion.  As a keynote speaker, she captivates women of all ages and faith. Jamie’s topics include “Real Life” issues and how faith can guide you through them. Her messages are delivered in a unique and enthusiastic manner and of course with a twist of humor.

Truly believing from the heart “that God is a girls best friend”.  Jamie will inspire and motivate your spirit to new heights.  In this busy world, women need to hear how extraordinary they are.  That’s her “JOB” to help you better understand that you were born for so much more.  No matter where you are in your spiritual journey there is always room for growth. Jamie’s words are empowering to Todays Woman, she has shared her inspiring words with the following:

  • The Walter Hoving Home – Garrison, NY
  • The Bowery Mission for Women – Manhattan, New York City
  • Fishkill Church of the Nazarene – Fishkill, NY
  • Living Room Ministry Parties
  • Girls for God program
  • Women of Grace Fellowship
  • Partner with the Sound of Life Radio
  • The Vineyard Community Church in Hopewell Junction, NY
  • The Avon Company Headquarters

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